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FFH-P provides a structured approach to Hypnotherapy....
This book is recommended for all Health Professionals engaged in ‘’Talk” therapy who wish to
enhance the work that they already do in the disciplines of Mental Health and Wellbeing.
After more than 30 years of collective Clinical practice the Authors have come to believe that structured Hypno-psychotherapy (H-P,) with a focus on Functionality (FFH-P), is the way of the future for ‘’talk’’ therapy. FF H-P employs hypnotic language structures and the rich collection of Hypnotic tactics gathered over at least 200 years and more than 10,000 research papers, as an adjunct to the particular Psychotherapies relevant to the Patient’s issues.
With respect to the choice of Psychotherapy from amongst more than 400 current Psychotherapies, they naturally lean towards those therapies that have been shown to represent ‘’best (clinical) practice’.’
Every Patient is unique and within the more than 400 Psychotherapies available there are many evidence-based Clinical tactics from which to choose for each Patient. In the current Volume the Authors focus on CBT, Psychodynamic therapy, Hypno-meditation and Psychosynthesis and show how their efficacy may be enhanced by using established Hypnotic language structures and tactics as an adjunct to the chosen Psychotherapeutic techniques.
 The Authors claim, and provide some evidence, that Psychotherapy, with Hypnosis as an adjunct, leads to much better results and less relapse than Psychotherapy or medication alone. Part II illustrates definitive Clinical Protocols for a range of dysfunction, including the effects of Anxiety disorders, Depressive mood disorders, Stress and Trauma, Relationships in Crisis, Self and Transpersonal development, OCD, Pain management, Weight Loss, General Healing and ASD. Part III gives 25 examples of basic Function-focused Hypno-psychotherapy Scripts which are of inestimable value in Clinic.
This book is Volume II of a trilogy and presents an overview of progress in Function-focused
Hypno-psychotherapy arising directly from Clinical practice, including 6 years of dedicated
Mental Health practice in a Division of General Practice in rural S.E. South Australia. Volume I is
an introductory issue mainly directed at Students, whereas Volume III comprises a collection of
Clinical Case Studies illustrating the many applications of FFH-P.

Hypno-Psychotherapy Reference Book - Function Focused Hypno-Psychotherapy

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